“The Lion’s Club is so impressed by what is happening at the Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home. We were thrilled to offer financial support to this excellent project.”
President, Colombo Lion’s Club of Sri LankaLion T. Suventhirajah  

“The Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home is more than caring for children, it is a project that is improving the quality of life of the neediest children in Sri Lanka.”
Governor of Colombo Lion’s ClubLion S. Sivananthan      

“What Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home is doing is taking children who have no hope in life and turning them into productive, quality citizens of Sri Lanka. They deserve all the support they can get.”
Consulate of Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Mr. V.T.V. Eswaran      

“Gokulam is an extraordinary place, where every child is loved. Not only do the children receive a great education and healthcare, but their mental and spiritual well-being is nurtured. I am inspired by the bonds among the children, who are brothers, sisters and friends. The family community is essential to the development of these children into successful adults.”
Non-Profit Media SpecialistSara Spears      

“When I arrived at Gokulam-Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home, I could immediately feel love and compassion in the atmosphere. While walking around, observing classes, and seeing the children in their normal daily life, it became clear to me that these children were not only receiving a good education, nutritious meals, and a safe and healthy home, but they were also given unconditional love and support by the caregivers, cooks, and teachers. The children seemed so sincerely happy and content, that I had to keep reminding myself that these were not normal children; they were in fact orphans, many of which have experienced atrocities that most of us thankfully will never have to. Although they had lost absolutely everything, looking at their faces you could never believe it.The director and founder of the Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home, Nandarani Dasi, a truly amazing woman, said something that really stuck in my head, ‘Whatever they have lost, they get it back here,’ and from what I observed, this was a very true statement.”
TeacherColleen Hardiman       

“Well done on doing such wonderful work at Gokulam. The website is excellent. For those people who have yet to visit the orphanage, please do. I had the good fortune of visiting the orphanage last year and the children are nurtured in a wonderful, loving environment.Please help the orphanage in any way you can, either through giving your time, or donating toys or books or financial contributions. I personally saw that every penny is used for the children.” 
Lawyer,Anjana Ghosh, London          

“The most inspiring thing to me about Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home is how happy and loved the children are. This is definitely due to the magically maternal Nandarani Dasi. Even though there are eight teachers, and eight care-takers, the children speak of Nandarani as their mother. She is their principal but also cooks for them, teaches them, sings to them, and most importantly adores them. She has a one on one relationship with every child. When a child is sick they are taken directly to her and she nurses that child back to health.Nandarani fosters a spirit of unity and love, regardless of ethnicity, background, or religion. Given the extreme racial and religious divides this war torn country experiences, this lesson is vital and empowering.”
Actor, JenRenee Paulson  
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