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Many children in Sri Lanka are orphaned and abandoned due to the devastating tsunami and years of ethnic war. They were left with nothing, with no one to look after them but themselves. These children have found a new home and family at Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home. They have gained security in the love and care of Nandarani Devi, Gokulam’s principle mother, along with the companionship of their new brothers and sisters. They are now members of a loving family. 

As a Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home Child Sponsor you will personally invest in the life of an orphaned child. By sponsoring an orphaned child for just for little more than a dollar a day, you will enable a child to participate in one of the best orphan programs in Sri Lanka. Your child will be assured of complete health care, unconditional love, a full education, nutritious meals, moral guidance, and emotional support. Moreover, you will be sending a strong message to your child that there is someone else who cares a great deal.

Click here if you wish to sponsor a child for $35/month
(12 month sponsorship)

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All donations are tax deductible

How Sponsorship Works

Sponsor a Child
When you sponsor a child, you commit to make a regular contribution each month for one year, which is fully tax deductible. Initially you will receive a welcome package, which includes a photograph of your child, a short biography, information about the orphanage and its programs, as well as facts about Sri Lanka. You will also receive a yearly update to let you know about your child’s progress and achievements.

What Your Contribution Does
Nothing can replace the significance of your role as a sponsor! As you get to know your sponsored child through reports and letters, you will receive satisfaction from knowing that you are helping all the orphans at Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home attain their full potential. Your monthly gift of $35 will be combined with donations from other sponsors to make resources available that meet the needs of all the children. Your donations will even help children who have not yet received a sponsor. While one child gets to know you, many children will benefit. Instead of being alone, children will feel the love and companionship of their extended family. Instead of despair, they will have hope and prospects for the future.

Benefits to the Children
Because of your generous contribution, your child will have full access to a comprehensive education, love of a new family, complete health services, and excellent nutritious meals. These children once again have hope for a healthy, happy, and prosperous future.

Honor Someone You Love

Honor someone you love with a one time donation or a gift sponsorship. What better way to share your dedication to helping the world’s needy children than by making a contribution in the name of another individual? It is a wonderful way to make an occasion more meaningful.

Gift Sponsorship
Those who receive an honorary sponsorship from you will be sent a picture and information about the child being assisted in their honor. They will feel great knowing that because of them a child in need is getting much needed help.

One Time Gift Donation
For each gift contribution of $20 or more, Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home will send a card to the recipient, announcing the donation you have given in his or her name. Family members, friends, and business associates will all appreciate your caring sentiment, and so will the children.

To send a gift of a child sponsorship please include on the registration form:

  • The name and address of the person in whose name the gift is being made so that we may send a card acknowledging your generous gift.
  • Your name as it should appear on the card.
  • The special occasion (Mother’s Day, birthday, etc)
  • Date of the occasion

Corporate & Group Giving

Why Give?
A corporate or group gift is good for your company or group, the recipients of the gift, and most importantly, the child who benefits from your company’s kindness. While company staff feels proud in supporting a good cause, the recipients of these heartwarming gifts enjoy letters from the child they sponsor and updates from the orphanage yearly. Corporate child sponsorship is a unique way to thank your employees, clients, or group members. Your company also receives tax deduction benefits for the charitable donation.

When To Give
You may choose to do this on special public holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or to mark a corporate milestone. What better way to celebrate your company success or the success of company staff than to share the good fortune with the world’s least fortunate children!

Group Sponsorship 
The combined funds of a group can truly help a child at Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home realize a better future. A child might be sponsored by a department within your company, a church group, the PTA, a class, a book club, women’s group, or a Boy or Girl Scout troupe. Children enjoy receiving letters from a workplace or group and learning about the people who have chosen to sponsor them. The experience is mutually beneficial.

Other Ways To Give
Rather than committing to an ongoing child sponsorship program, you, your social group, or your employees can also make a one time contribution to Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home. Such one time contributions can be as little as a $20 gift in honor of a particular individual in your workplace or group. Each honoree will receive a special gift card from Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home expressing your generosity.

At the other end of the scale, a company can even underwrite a particular project. One excellent example would be the donation of a new dorm building to better accommodate the boys.

Wills & Living Trusts

Through a will or living trust you can make gifts to Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home that may be larger than anything you could give in your lifetime. Your kindness, generosity and compassion will live on after you are gone. A trust is a contract between you and your appointed trustee, who manages and distributes assets in your estate according to your wishes. A bequest is a gift made through a will or trust. You may leave a cash gift, securities, real estate, or other appreciated assets. The process to make a bequest is very simple. Gifts through wills, living trusts, or retirement plans offer a number of unique advantages.

Advantages of this type of gift:

  • It is revocable by the donor if the circumstances change.
  • It is an excellent way to show your compassion and vision in a tangible way without a financial burden during your lifetime. 
  • The gift may reduce estate tax for the surviving family members.

How to Structure, and Make a Bequest
To make a bequest you need contact both Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home and your estate planning attorney. If you already have a will, you will need a codicil, which is a legal amendment to your will. We have provided some sample language for bequests below. Bequests can be structured in several ways:

  • An outright gift is a fixed dollar amount
  • A residual bequest leaves the remaining part of your estate to Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home after gifts are distributed to other beneficiaries.
  • A contingent bequest makes Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home the beneficiary only if your primary beneficiary(ies) has died. 

Sample Bequest
I, ______________________________, of _________________________________ bequeath to Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home of, Sri Lanka, an international nonprofit NGO (non-governmental organization) located in Wattala, Sri Lanka, the sum of $___________________ (or property described herein). This fund is to be used by Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home as it deems advisable.

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