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For Gokulam – Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home to provide the life our children deserve, we rely on the support of donors. We and our children have been blessed by those who have given so much in the past, but as we need to expand and improve our facilities, more funds and supplies are desperately needed.

How to Donate

You can forward your donation by draft/cheque or money order to either of the following bank details:

Account Name : Gokulam-Bhaktivedanta Children’s Home
Bank : 
Indian Overseas Bank, Main Street, Colombo 11, Sri Lanka
Account No :
Swift Code : 

Account Name: ISKCON
Bank: Commercial Bank (Kotahena branch), 
Colombo 13, Sri lanka
Account No: 1050669901
Swift Code: CCEYLKLX

Child Sponsorship

I wish to sponsor a child for $35/month
(12 month sponsorship)

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(All donations are tax deductible)

One time donation

I wish to Support the Children’s Home.
Here is my one-time donation:

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(All donations are tax deductible)

Sponsor a Meal

You can also help to these children by sponsoring a day’s meal on the special occasion of your birthday or in memory of your loved ones.

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